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    • ▪Wide measuring range:
      • – From Q1 secondary water meter to Q4 of primary water meter
    • ▪Rotatable vacuum sealed register for clear and easier reading in different direction.
    • ▪Can install with reed switch as an option.
    • ▪Suitable for wide and fluctuating flow rates.
    • ▪Inter-changeable parts for facilitating installation and maintenance.
    • ▪Low pressure loss and long working.

    • ▪Combination water consist of a primary and secondary meter attached to a changeover spring loaded valve. This change over spring loaded valve will divert flow by opening and closing accordingly due to change in pressure variations based on different flow rate.
    • ▪During the low flow rate, the changeover valve is at close position and water flows through the secondary meter which records water usage.
    • ▪As the flow rate increases, the pressure too will increase which will make the position of changeover valve open the meter will than divert more through the main primary meter.(Generally, the changeover will open when the flow rate reaches 1.5 Q3 of the secondary meter)
    • ▪When the flow rates decreases, the process will start back as mentioned in the 2nd